The Honor 5X is great… but will it bend? [VIDEO]


For $199, we wouldn’t be surprised if your expectations for build quality on the Honor 5X weren’t very high, but Huawei did manage to put together a beautiful looking and feeling device for such a low price point. But can it handle anything more than delicate care?

That’s what these bend, scratch and burn tests are for. Jerry Rig is back with his standard torture test. The Honor 5X surprisingly does well in all 3 categories. The glass isn’t easily scratched except for using highly-sharp objects, though the aluminum nature of the device is naturally susceptible to light scratching from keys. The burn test didn’t seem to destroy any pixels on the display.

honor 5x

And as for the bending, while it can flex ever-so-slightly (and only under extreme pressure), it won’t snap in half like a toothpick like the Huawei Nexus 6P did.

All in all? A solid outing for a phone that only costs you $199. Bonus points for it being a pretty capable phone in terms of brawn, too. Check out the video above.

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