Sony expects most flagship smartphones to use a dual-camera setup, but not until next year


huawei honor 6 plus dual camera

If you’re wondering what the next technological leap in smartphone photography could be, it’s starting to look like dual-cameras could be the next big thing. No, we’re not talking about the way HTC used it on the One M8 (the secondary camera was more of a depth sensor for speedy auto focus and whatnot). These new cameras will be able to capture a much wider angle shot, better low light, and possibly even zoom in on photos without the huge loss in quality we see now. Pretty sweet, right?

You may have seen recent rumors that Apple could be going the same route in the upcoming iPhone 7 this year (possible only with the larger Plus model) and chiming in on the topic is Sony who, during a recent Q3 FY15 earnings call, revealed to investors that they believe this new technology is upon us, but admits it still has a little ways to go. This is mostly due to slowing sales of high-end smartphone, something Sony says will likely impact the production of dual camera smartphones.

It’s because of this Sony, says the earliest we could start seeing smartphones using dual cameras wont arrive until 2017 at the earliest. Makes sense, especially if OEMs are waiting around to see what Apple might do with the iPhone 7 this year. Something tells us OIS will continue to play a big focus for flagship camera’s this year, something that can dramatically improve image quality in Android devices.


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