Galaxy S7 could play 17 straight hours of video at max brightness


Samsung’s unpopular decision to get rid of the user-removable battery on the Samsung Galaxy S6 would have been fine if battery life on their phones truly lasted all day. In truth, it’s just average, and only becomes slightly above so when you’re actively trying to mind your usage.

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But things could be drastically different with the Samsung Galaxy S7. Eldar Murtazin — a known name in the leaksphere — claims that a Galaxy S7 was able to play 17+ hours of video at full brightness. Consider the fact that it’s hard to even reach 5 hours of screen-on time for regular usage on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and other current devices, and you can imagine how insane that is.

So, what miracle elixir has Samsung come up with for something like this to be possible? One might point to the 3,000mAh battery in the Galaxy S7 (and a 3,600mAh pack in the Galaxy S7 Edge), but a 450mAh bump over yesteryear’s model — while somewhat significant — shouldn’t be enough to provide such longevity.

Is it software optimization? New battery tech? Are the 2nd-gen 14nm FinFET process in the chipsets they’ll use really that much more efficient than what was used in the Exynos 7420? It’s tough to say, but knowing Samsung they’ll have at least 1 groundbreaking innovation to introduce with the next round of flagships and we wouldn’t be surprised if they were the first to market with the next big battery breakthrough. Keep your fingers crossed that these claims are accurate.

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