Watch this crazy mega-drone carry cargo over 134 pounds [VIDEO]


Are you one of those people that’s a little afraid drones? Have you ever worried about being picked up out of the sky by a man-less flying machine? This is not an article you will want to read.

A team of engineers in Norway have created an insane-looking drone that can lift incredible weights. The aptly named Megakopter is built from 8 hexacopters. The hexacopters have been connected to each other and designed to work as a single, giant drone with 48 propellers. Megakopter recently set a new Guinness World Record by lifting 61 kilograms (just over 134 pounds) for 37 seconds.

3wmk1I0 - Imgur

The team is hoping to be able to lift even more weight in the future. Right now they could lift a small child or skinny teenager, but in the future they hope to lift packages and even adults. The good news is you will definitely hear the Megakopter before it’s too late. Hopefully you can outrun it.

Not that we’re afraid of drones. Nope. Definitely not.

[via Engadget]


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