App installs start pouring in from Google searches (with Analytics)


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Google has started sending out emails to app developers about a new feature in the Search Console. You’ve probably noticed install buttons for apps in search results. Now you can see what search terms are displaying the install button for your app. This is a great way for developers to see what users are looking for when they find their app.

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What the heck does this all mean? Developers can now see what people are searching for when they see the install button for their app. It works a lot like how you can see the search terms that bring people to your site in Google Analytics. In the chart for our Phandroid News app above, you can see that people are searching for things like “Phandroid” and “Android news.” Developers can use this information to see how Google drives new users to their apps. Not only can you see search queries, but also what country they are coming from.

The Search Console doesn’t track whether the user actually installs the app. Still, this is incredibly valuable information for an app developer.


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