Verizon adds another 1.5 million postpaid lines in Q4 2015


Verizon continues moving strong. The company has revealed their performance results for Q1 2015. They were able to add more postpaid lines with 1.5 million new additions despite aggressive moves by Sprint and T-Mobile to steal customers. That was enough to push Verizon over the 4.5 million mark on the year.


And they made a crap ton of money, which they always do. Verizon was able to pull in $34.25 billion in revenue that quarter, which is a slight bump year-on-year and quarter-over-quarter. 

It’s clear that Verizon’s formula wins. Despite being perceived as the worst company when it comes to value, Verizon still wins dollars based on their reputation of maintaining a strong and reliable network. It’s going to take a lot more than bold marketing campaigns to topple Big Red, that’s for sure.

[via Verizon]

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