LG won’t back down from Samsung at this year’s Mobile World Congress


LG didn’t have much to reveal at CES this year in the mobile space, but that’s because they’re saving all their marbles for the big Mobile World Congress showdown that’s brewing. Samsung is expected to announce the Samsung Galaxy S7 at the show, and while last year they had the stage largely to themselves, LG is apparently ready to take them on.

LG play begins press invite

That much was said to Korea Times by a company executive who suggests LG is making it their personal mission and challenge to take the spotlight away from Samsung after letting them have all the shine a year prior.

LG has gained a lot of confidence in recent years, and for good reason. They can build a smartphone as well as anyone else, and while the sales haven’t been able to match Samsung’s lofty standards they’re likely to talk a big game anyway.

lg g5

And they should. LG’s momentum from the original LG G Flex onward has grown steady and fast, and the LG G4 and LG V10 represented some of LG’s best work yet. That can only continue in 2016 as they look to emphasize the use of metal in smartphones, continue to uphold the important of a good smartphone camera, and optimize their software to be as smooth as ever. They even have some neat innovation planned, with recent leaks suggesting a dual rear camera and a slide-in battery bay. If there’s ever been a time to challenge Samsung’s throne, now is as good as it’ll get for their neighbors in South Korea.

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