Samsung could be looking to launch the Galaxy S7 as early as February


It seems every year we get treated to a Samsung Galaxy flagship launch sooner than the last, but 2016 might provide our biggest jump yet. Korean media is reporting that Samsung will look to announce the Samsung Galaxy S7 as early as January, and that the launch will happen just a month later.

We started hearing similar reports for the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 earlier this year, and sure enough Samsung did accelerate the launch a considerable amount. It was only a month or two earlier than their usual schedule, though, so it wasn’t all that surprising (and they were doing it to beat Apple to market, so there’s decent reason for it).

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But having a flagship phone launch in February? That’s a very big change of pace, but one Samsung probably doesn’t have a problem with.

While hardcore consumers who know exactly what they want might not be affected by it, there are many more consumers who make their decision based on what’s available at the time they’re looking to upgrade. Samsung getting ahead of the pack by 4-5 months in 2016 would go a very long way in helping them secure more sales, something they surely need if they want their profits to soar once more.

Of course, talk of such quick turnaround is sure to be met with uncertainty. Is Samsung going to have to cut corners to make it to market that fast? If so, where are those corners being cut? Are we only due for an iterative release for the Samsung Galaxy S7? Do they truly have enough time to innovate? We’ll have to hope that they have a well thought out plan for accelerating their launch timeline, otherwise we’re bound to suffer the same case of déjà vu we experienced with the HTC One M9.

[via SamMobile]

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