Hands-on: the Fossil Q Grant isn’t Android Wear, but could still make for a nice smart companion


The Fossil Q lineup didn’t only have an Android Wear watch — there are fitness bands and even analog watches in its arsenal. One of those is the Fossil Q Grant, which — like the Razer Nabu Watch — goes for a more traditional watch experience while implementing a bit of smart functionality.


The Fossil Q Grant’s “smart” capabilities don’t extend too far. Your wrist will vibrate when any relevant notifications come through to your phone (and a little blue notification while blink if that isn’t enough). It also counts your steps. And that’s it.


Most of the magic (if you can call it that) is done in Fossil’s app. They’ll show you how many steps you take and will use that info to estimate how many calories you’ve burned. It’s here where you can also determine which notifications send an alert to your watch, so those annoying Twitter friends won’t be setting your watch off every 5 seconds.


And that’s that. It’s an ordinary watch otherwise, with a dial that’s used to manually set the time just as you would on any other traditional timepiece. It does look rather good, though, so we’ll give it a few points on that alone.


You can see the various models and wrist straps in the photos above, and you can head right here to order one if you’re sold.

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