Razer introduces a more traditional watch with “smart features”


Razer has been looking to break out of their comfort zone of selling PC peripherals and have started to venture out into the consumer electronics arena. We saw it first with their Forge Android TV set-top box, and now they have a wearable to introduce.

This is the Razer Nabu Watch. As you might be able to tell, this thing doesn’t run Android Wear. Hell, it doesn’t really run much of anything. It’s a traditional digital watch (though far from traditional-looking) that does a very good job at telling you the date and time.

Razer Nabu Watch   Digital Watch with Smart Functions

But it’s also Bluetooth connected. You can hook it up to your Android or iPhone in order to get simple alerts about incoming calls, texts and emails. The watch also has an accelerometer, so the seconday display can give you a heads-up about how many steps you’ve taken for the day.

Its last inkling of intelligence comes in the form of “watch-to-watch communication,” though that’s not very exciting — two people who happen to own Nabu watches can shake hands, and they’ll exchange Twitter and Facebook profiles. Cool, but hardly worth its price of $149.99 alone.

The one big upside of this low-key watch is that it doesn’t require a lot of power, so you’ll be able to go a full 12 months on a single charge before having to swap out its coin cell battery. The device will be available starting later this month.

[via Razer]

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