Samsung Pay will support online shopping as soon as next year


Samsung prides itself on Samsung Pay being accepted wherever you can use a credit card, but that’s not entirely true — you still can’t use Samsung Pay to make internet transactions. Thankfully it seems that won’t be the case for long.

The South Korean company confirmed plans to extend Samsung Pay to online stores, allowing you to easily pay for transactions on your phone without having to punch a bunch of numbers in. This would not only save on time for the consumer, but could also be safer as transactions are all processed through Samsung’s secure token-based system, and you won’t need to worry about potential keyloggers capturing your credit card information.

Samsung Pay

The details are slim early on, but if it’s anything like Android Pay it might require developers to support the platform by updating their apps and websites. We’re sure Samsung will at least explore ways to make it happen without that kind of requirement.

This news also comes with an affirmation that the company is planning to spread Samsung Pay to more regions in 2016, as well as bring the necessary technology to their lesser line of phones so those who don’t have the budget to buy a flagship can get in on it.

[via Reuters]

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