Dec 18th, 2015

There are many cool places you could go for the holidays, but there’s one place that seems cooler than all the rest: why not take a trip to the White House? Well, it’s obviously not that simple, but Google’s doing the best they can to let you experience Christmas at the White House.

The VR video you see above will give you a look at various 360-degree photos of the presidential mansion. Unfortunately it’s not a full-on motion experience as it’s just a series of 360-degree photos stitched together in slideshow form, but it’s still an interesting view inside of a building which not many people are allowed to roam.

You know the drill: VR and cardboard headset users can drop their phone in and get an up-close and personal look at everything. Those with an Android phone without a headset can still get a 360-degree look by turning your phone in various directions. Those on desktop browsers can use the embedded controls to manipulate the viewpoints. Give it a quick viewing if you’re curious.

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