Inbox by Gmail makes it easy to share trip summaries with friends and family


Google’s latest update for Inbox by Gmail is aimed at making holiday communication, sharing and travel easier. While there’s not much an email app can do to help you in your travels, Google’s trip summaries feature — which uses your travel emails to piece together a nice itinerary — is quite convenient.


It’s becoming even more convenient with its new feature: you can now share those trip summaries with friends and family. It may be useful to share your itinerary with folks for several different reasons:

  • It helps you plan for airport pickups and dropoffs
  • Your friends and family can help you find hotels
  • They’ll also know when, exactly, you’ll finally be out of their hair

Beyond that, Google has improved the attachments function to make it easier to view and select photos, so sharing travel photos won’t be as difficult as it used to be. Finally, the ability to view trip summaries offline and manually move emails into a trip summary round out that whole experience. Google says the new features are headed to your app over the next week, which should be just enough time to get going before Christmas arrives.

[via Google]

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