Dec 14th, 2015

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There are dozens of ways to stream music nowadays, but Pandora has been around longer than most of them. Pandora isn’t new or flashy, and it has been doing the same thing for 15 years, so it often gets overlooked. It’s still an excellent (free) service for discovering new music and listening to your favorites. Today, Pandora has announced a brand new way to listen.

“Thumbrint Radio” is a new station that plays music based on you thumbs-up (liked) history. Every song you’ve ever thumbed-up has helped create your own personalized Thumbprint Radio station. However, this isn’t just your favorite songs put on shuffle. This is Pandora, after all. Your Thumbprint Radio station will continue to evolve and play new songs based on the songs you’ve liked.

A normal Pandora station starts as a clean slate. You pick a genre, artist, or song to get started, and it evolves from there with thumbs-up and downs. Those preferences stay inside of that specific station. Thumbprint Radio is different because it combines your likes from all stations. Click here to add your Thumbprint Radio station. You must have at least three existing stations with four or more thumbs-up on each to add Thumbprint Radio.

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