OnePlus X will be invite-free every Tuesday from now on


OnePlus has announced increased availability for the OnePlus X. While there will still be a dam to control the influx of orders, they’re loosening the floodgates one day every week from now on — Tuesday. That means you won’t need an invite to buy the OnePlus X so long as you wake up on Tuesday and put your order in.

oneplus x open-sale every tusday

It’s not a full-blown free-for-all like the OnePlus 2 is now enjoying, but there should be no reason why anyone can’t get their hands on a OnePlus X in a timely manner. Availability was one of OnePlus’s biggest hurdles starting out, and their commitment to fixing that has surely produced desirable results.

The only other issues left to get past are, well, delivering devices people feel are worth the money. And while the OnePlus 2 fell short of lofty expectations set forth by the company, the OnePlus X (at a mere $250) is still a pretty nice buy. Who’s grabbing one starting tomorrow?

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