Samsung expects 2016 to be another tough year for mobile business


Let’s get one thing straight, folks: the mobile world isn’t the equivalent of the NFL, where the Detroit Lions can fire the heads of their front office and get an immediate boost in productivity out of their team. It’s real business, and a change in presidents and CEOs won’t bring about an overnight boost in revenue and profit.

Samsung’s new mobile head — Ko Dong-jin — seems to know that too, as he expressed that much in remarks made to the press. The new head of mobile and IT expects 2016 to be another tough year, though that doesn’t exactly mean Samsung is expected to flop. His belief is that the division isn’t exactly in dire straits relative to the rest of the industry, though they obviously want to restore themselves to former success.

We’re not exactly sure what the plan going forward is just yet, but we already have some hints as to what they won’t do. For starters, Dong-jin says they won’t make a huge shuffle in their executive tree, which is a strong message to the current folks in place that he fully believes in them. They also believe they’re on the right path with their flagship Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphone lineup, though we aren’t surprised by that considering Dong-jin was the man responsible for the R&D behind the phones before his name came to the forefront.

Shareholders will likely be urged to remember that “tough” doesn’t have to translate to “rough.” It may be hard, but Samsung still feels confident they can go into 2016 and keep things moving in the right direction to ensure long-term success. Saying is one thing, though, so we’ll have to wait for their execution to see how things ultimately turn out.

[via KoreaTimes]

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