Verizon will give you 2GB of extra data for each new line or upgrade on an XL or XXL plan, for life


Verizon’s holding a nice promotion through January 6th that’ll net you a bunch of extra data for adding new lines or upgrading existing lines on XL or XXL plans. The company is giving you 2GB of data for free, and that data will last for the life of your service, so long as you don’t switch plans.

This means a family of four who happen to upgrade between now and January 6th will get an extra 8GB on top of the standard 12GB or 18GB they get with XL and XXL, respectively. That data is also fully shareable, so it’s simply added to the shared data pool everyone’s already pulling from.

There’s one small exception for this promotion — the 2GB of data can only be received if the upgrade was made on a phone line, so upgrading tablets won’t net you the extra data. That said, any tablets or other connected devices on the account will be able to use the data. Be sure to take advantage if you haven’t already upgraded your lines or if you were planning ot add new ones in the near future.

[via Verizon]

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