Dongjin Koh replaces J.K. Shin as head of Samsung’s mobile division


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As Samsung prepares to close out 2015 with a bang fizzle, the South Korean manufacturer has reportedly appointed a new president of mobile communications. Taking over where J.K. Shin left off, Samsung’s previous head of mobile research and development, Dongjin Koh, will be the new head of the company’s mobile division.

That doesn’t mean Shin is out completely, he’ll still have an active leadership role, overseeing Samsung’s overall mobile business, focusing on the company’s long-term strategy and development of new growth businesses.

The new shuffling of Samsung execs was no doubt sparked by lackluster sales and the challenges the company faced with dwindling market share over the past few years. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 is all but finished at this point, it’ll be interesting to see what comes from the change in management in the months — and years — to follow. (Let’s hope Koh is a fan of bigger batteries).


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