HTC and Under Armour could be making a Bluetooth scale


We’re expecting HTC and Under Armor to create some smart bands and watches galore for their forthcoming fitness line, but the company seems to be looking even further than that. A new entry at the Bluetooth Sig tells of an internet-connected scale.

There are no details in the early going, but such a scale will likely do things like measure your weight and body mass index, and might automatically update your fitness profile and goals when you record your weight each day. It’s probably nothing we haven’t already seen from other connected scales such as these, but it should be a nice way to augment a product line which aims to be your one-stop fitness partner. Unfortunately we’re probably still at least a few months out of seeing anything from the two companies as they’ve confirmed the line won’t launch until 2016 (which should begin with the introduction of the HTC Re Grip).

[via PhoneScoop]

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