Snapchat update lets you keep old 3D lenses for $1 a piece, some users are pissed


Snapchat update Lens Store

When Snapchat started allowing users to replay snaps for $1, we couldn’t possibly see how anyone would be down to throw down that kinda cash for something so… temporary. In a new update rolling out now on Google Play, Snapchat has hatched a new scheme to further monetize their (free) services, this time with something a bit more permanent.

With Snapchat’s new “Lens Store,” users now have the ability to save those crazy 3D lenses that are on constant rotation inside the app (long press your face in selfie mode to activate them). There are still free lenses available — 7 of them, in fact — but in order to keep older ones and reuse them again and again, you’ll now have to pay up $1 per lens. Sounds reasonable enough.

The move has surprisingly attracted some backlash on social media where Snapchat has had no problem retweeting the misguided users voicing their disapproval. The crazy part is that really, nothing has changed. Snapchat just now provides users the option to re-use old lenses should they be willing to pay up some cash. We don’t see a single thing wrong with that.

Oh, yeah — Snapchat also added “Official Stories” for verified (celebrity) accounts.

Download on Google Play: Snapchat

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