Snapchat update brings crazy new 3D selfie effects, lets you pay to replay snaps


Snapchat Lenses update

With somewhere close to 100 million daily users, whether you like the service or not, it’s clear they’ve struck a chord with someone. Snapchat is huge and that means that when they add new features, users take notice.

In a new update rolling out today, the popular chat app is adding some fun new new photo effects to add to your selfie reactions. These aren’t the usual static filters of overlays either. Dubbed “Lenses,” a long press on the middle of the viewfinder will pull up these 3D effects to warp and animate your selfies in all sorts of fun ways. Right now there’s only 7 and they range from heart eyes, to an Iron Man-like HUD, and our personal favorite: rainbow vomit. We’re sure these are just the start and with more added in the future and quite honestly, we can’t wait.

Also arriving in the update is the ability for users to spend real money to replay other users’ Snaps. Spending $1 will get you a total of 3 replays to use however you like, so if your favorite celeb was doing something crazy, or you need evidence of your spouse’s infidelity — you gotta pay up. Trophy Case is also new, although like most things on Snapchat we’re not entirely sure what it means. Apparently you unlock them by increasing your Snapchat score.

Oh, and if you’re curious to find out what those friend emojis mean, you can now view their definitions in the settings under Additional Services > Manage > Friend Emojis.

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