Nov 13th, 2015

Google took some time today to talk about email encryption, its important, and the progress they’ve made in helping everyone understand and use encrypted email to ensure everyone has access to safe communication. They’ve certainly done good work themselves by making sure Gmail meets end-to-end encryption standards, and now they’re doing work on the enlightenment front.


Google has announced plans to implement a feature in Gmail that’ll notify you when an email is coming from an unencrypted source. This is convenient and important in a couple of different ways:

  • If you’re unsure that the line isn’t secure you can refrain from sending sensitive information in your email responses.
  • If the person you’re emailing has power to change it, it gives you an opportunity to tell them they should get with the encryption program.

Google went into detail about how far email encryption has come to now, and what they plan to do to help continue to push it forward in the future. Be sure to check all of that out right here if you’re interested. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting patiently for the aforementioned Gmail feature to make its way to oru inboxes.

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