Huawei hires former Apple designer to improve software user experience


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When it comes to design, many people consider Apple to be one of the best. The popularity of the iPhone and iPad can be partially attributed to the easy-to-use software. To Android fans, it seems overly simplistic, but that is exactly why iPhones are popular to the common person. Huawei is trying to improve their user experience by hiring one of the people behind Apple’s popular software design.

Huawei has hired Abigail Brody, a former user experience designer at Apple. She spent a decade working on projects such as the original iPhone, OS X, and other Apple applications such as Final Cut Pro. She left Apple in 2011, and has since been working to improve PayPal’s UX. This seems to be a nice hire for Huawei. They have always excelled at hardware, but their software has left a lot to be desired. With the Nexus 6P under their wing, Huawei is set to get a lot more attention with new phones. Hopefully, they can knock it out of the park.

[via Engadget]

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