Nexus 6P orders are starting to be charged, shipping could begin soon


It’s happening… again. Much like when Nexus 5X orders began shipping to pre-orderers, the early group of folks who pre-ordered the Nexus 6P are starting to see their credit cards charged and order status move from “pending” to “processing.”

Nexus 6P DSC00068

So, when are they coming? We know that’s the one and only question on your mind right now. If we were to refer to the timing of the Nexus 5X (shipping began 4 days after orders were charged), we could assume that it will only take a less than a week for Google to begin shipping from the time they start charging folks.

Unfortunately the value of an assumption can only be so much — we won’t have a clear idea of when devices should start to ship until Google gives us the official word. Let us know if you’re seeing your order charged by dropping a comment below!

[via Android Police]

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