Google is offering instant Project Fi invites to celebrate Nexus 5X shipment day


The Nexus 5X ships today in case you haven’t heard, and the company is shouting about the fact that it will be fully compatible with Project Fi. To celebrate that fact, they’re promising instant Project Fi invites to anyone who wants one for the next 24 hours.

nexus 5x project fi

All you’ll need to do is head here and sign up with the Google account you want to use it with. It’s that simple.

Project Fi’s big draw isn’t in giving you absurdly cheap data. At $10 per 1GB, it’s pretty much in line with the rest of the industry. Instead, it comes from the promise of a service that can deliver true WiFi calling, and when you’re not on a WiFi network you will automatically hop between the best available Sprint and T-Mobile networks to ensure a solid experience at all times.

It also refunds you for any data you don’t use each month, and gives you the freedom to easily use multiple devices for just 1 phone number. There are a lot more benefits of using Project Fi that you can read about right here. If you’re planning on getting a Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P or simply want to try it with the Nexus 6 you already have, then sign up now to guarantee yourself service.

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