Nexus 5X orders are starting to be charged, shipping could begin soon


To now, everyone who saw fit to pre-order a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P haven’t had their cards charged. This is because Google won’t charge an order until it ships. Well… a whole lot of folks who ordered a Nexus 5X just got charged. That much can be seen in this Reddit thread, and a whole heap of emails in our inbox can’t be mere coincidence.

Nexus 5X DSC00107

To be clear, Google may have already posted an authorization charge on your account, but this is typically a temporary charge that evaporates in a few business days. A second charge normally indicates that the order has gone through.

Putting two and two together, one might assume this means Google is getting shipments ready. We’d love to be in total belief of that, but the fact of the matter is that you shouldn’t assume much until you see a tracking number.

At the least, though, it shows Google is right on schedule with their original 3-4 week shipment estimation (possibly even ahead of schedule) so it shan’t be long before devices go out. Those whose cards have been charged may see their order status changed from “pending” to “processing,” so be sure to check your accounts to see where you stand. Let us know your order status down below!

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