Nexus 5X unboxing confirms it does not ship with USB Type-C to Type-A cable [VIDEO]


Many of you have yet to receive a Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, but some lucky souls in India walked away with units at Google’s launch event for the devices in the region today. Wondering how things look when you finally get to take it out of the box?

Wonder no more. Unboxing videos are starting to hit the web. There’s nothing out of the ordinary that we don’t expect from past unboxing experiences. There’s nothing flashy going on, though we do give Google a good deal of applause for keeping things nice and neat.

The boxes contain your standard assortment of quick start guides and warranty information, though you should also find an insert for a Google Play Music trial in there, as well. There’s also the USB Type-C charging puck and a Type-C to Type-C cable in both.

One thing worth noting is that that the Nexus 6P does ship with a USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable, but the Nexus 5X does not. We’d heard this would be the case as per Google’s listing on the Google Store, but many held out hope that this was simply an error on Google’s part. Sad to say it’s not an error, which explains why it hasn’t been fixed despite our inquiries into Google.

Nexus 5X USB Type C to Type C cable

Looks like you’ll have to order a cable for your Nexus 5X (Amazon has a great variety of cables right here) if you’re in need. As for those unboxings, the videos are above, so be sure to check them out at your earliest convenience!

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