Deal: Back-up your data with a 128GB solid-state hard drive for just $45


monster hard drive

Computers are more powerful, bandwidth is faster, files are bigger. Gone are the days where storage could be measured in megabytes. No, we are living in the age of the gigabyte, and it’s time to upgrade that storage game. How does a 128GB solid-state hard drive sound? Sounds like $45 well spent, to us.

At, you can take advantage of a special deal from Monster Digital that gets you a physical storage drive big enough to hold 128GB of data. A solid-state hard drive is much more reliable that the old rotating hard drives. It has 256-bit AES security to keep your data safe. If you don’t trust cloud storage services, a beefy hard drive is the way to go.

The Monster Digital Overdrive Advanced usually goes for around $80, but if you act fast you can get for just $45 from Don’t wait!

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