Don’t plan on using your old chargers with the Nexus 5X, it only comes with Type-C to Type-C cable


Nexus 5X USB Type C to Type C cable

We know, USB Type-C is the future and we’re happy to see Google going all gung-ho over making it the new standard. Both upcoming Nexus devices will have USB Type-C ports which allow you to insert the USB cable any which way you’d like. There’s only 1, small, teensy little problem: the Nexus 5X only comes with a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. Well, that sucks.

What does this mean for you?

Well, that means you wont be able to use the included cable in your existing USB chargers, car charger, or even plug it into your computer. That is, unless you’re sporting one of those fancy new MacBooks Apple recently released. On a related note, Huawei seems to have no problem shipping customers of the Nexus 6P an extra cable, one that connects to all the old devices you’ve been using all these years (Type-C to Type-A).

The $20 Solution

So, if you were planning on picking up the Nexus 5X (we can’t help but think there are better options), you may want to check out this 4-pack of Type-C to Type-A cables for $20 from Amazon.

Type C to Type A USB Charger

Or if you’re all official like that you may want the $13 one cable option they’re trying to sell you on the Google Store.

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