October 2015 is the month Marty McFly visits in Back To The Future Part 2


An online hoax that falsely claims “today is the day” Marty McFly visits in Back To The Future (Part 2) has circulated in various forms for years. This month, however, that hoax will become reality: October 21st, 2015 is the real day that Marty McFly visits in Back To The Future (Part 2).

See for yourself:

I’m personally obsessed with the Back To The Future trilogy, so rather than celebrating “Future Day” I’ll be celebrating the entire month. That’s right… it’s Future Month!

And yes, I’ll be rooting for the Chicago Cubs to win the World Series (although I didn’t put any money on them at the beginning of the season).

Back To The Future’s depiction of the future 2015 was intended to be more fun than realistic, but they were surprisingly accurate in predicting a number of tech trends ranging from flat screen TVs to video games.

Let’s jump 30 more years in the future: what are your tech predictions for October 2045?

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