Samsung might use the Snapdragon 820 in US and China versions of the Galaxy S7


It looks like the whole “one world united under Exynos dream” began and ended in 2015. Samsung has been testing both the Snapdragon 820 and their next generation Exynos for use in the Samsung Galaxy S7, but the company won’t go with a single chip, if the latest rumors are to be trusted.

Samsung Exynos 5250 Phandrizzle

Apparently Samsung is planning to use Snapdragon 820 in United States and China variants of the device, while everyone else will be served up the Exynos variety. This dual-pronged chipset strategy is something Samsung did for devices prior to the Samsung Galaxy S6 line, so it’s not surprising to see it return. It’s also probably a huge load off Samsung’s backs to be able to share chipset production with Qualcomm, especially since they might attempt to execute the fastest sequel turnaround we’ve yet to see from the company.

If Samsung is comfortable enough to use the Snapdragon 820 in some of their most important markets then it’s a sign that the chipset is living up to its expectations and that Qualcomm won’t repeat the same mistakes they did with the 810. Early benchmarks and reports seem to support that notion so there’s not much reason to be concerned.

The only worry in our minds is whether the two variants will differ much in practical usage, though history tells us that Samsung’s phones are quite comparable no matter which chipsets are inside. If it’ll bother you that much that your market isn’t getting the exact chipset you want, then there’s always the option to import.

[via ET News]

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