LG V10 exposed again in another round of leaked product renders, shows off new back cover


LG V10 evleaks

Google isn’t the only introducing new devices in the coming weeks. With the last 2 days being largely Nexus news, it’s time to shift gears for a bit and talk about LG (no, not the Nexus 5X). Tomorrow the Korean manufacturer is holding an event in New York to show off some of their new wares. We’re still crossing our fingers the long rumored LG G4 Pro will be making appearance, but one device we’re almost certain will be getting the red carpet treatment is the recently leaked LG V10.

You know what phone we’re talking about. It’s that weird handset LG has been working on that comes with a second “auxiliary” display up at the top. Now, we’ve already gotten a few good looks at the phone thanks to Chinese certification and a leaked product render. In case you needed more, @evleaks is here to help. He’s leaked 2 new, seemingly official, product renders of the phone in various angles. By the looks of it, it almost appears somewhat rugged with thick sides and a textured back sectioned off into squares. It’s interesting to say the least.

From the looks of things, LG will display app shortcuts and possibly even show message notifications in the new secondary ticker as they arrive. You’ll notice in one of the leaked renders above, the words “Be You” are shown. We still find it a bit odd and can’t help but wonder what else LG has planned for the phone. Current rumors suggest a 5.7-inch display, Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM, 64GB internal storage, micro SD expansion, and 16MP rear facing camera. We’re sure to learn more come tomorrow, so stay tuned.

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