Samsung tries to win over iPhone 6S buyers by giving them blue pillows in line


The iPhone 6S is launching today, if you didn’t know, and tons of folks are standing in line around the world to buy one. But potential customers weren’t the only ones who were hanging around Apple stores today — Samsung seems to have made a troll-ish appearance, as well.


The company supposedly crashed the line at Regent Street’s Apple Store location to hand out blue pillows with the hashtag #NextIsNew on them. If you don’t remember, this is the same tagline Samsung used to promote the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus during IFA. The company also gave out branded water bottles for those who may have needed a drink.

Apparently, the ad agency Samsung has used as of late was in attendance with video cameras, which could be a sign that they’re planning some sort of ad campaign that ridicules the iPhone customers who stand in line waiting for each new release. Samsung has done something similar before, but only with paid actors in controlled scenarios.

We’re not sure what is planned, but we aren’t surprised Samsung is going to take advantage of the biggest non-Samsung smartphone launch of the year by trying to score some clever marketing.

[via IBTimes]

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