Sep 25th, 2015

While most companies tend to go super in-depth about every little feature they stuff into their apps, sometimes they like to leave little surprises or tidbits for us to find ourselves. In the case of Hangouts, you may or may not know that it has a very cool feature that allows you to easily transfer calls from one device to another.

It’s done thanks to the advent of NFC. On a call in Hangouts on your tablet and you need to transfer a call to your phone? Simply hold your devices together so that the NFC chips recognize each other, and the call will be beamed to your phone in effortless fashion, and you’re free to let your tablet’s battery die (if that’s the reason you beamed it) or free it up for other uses.

hangouts touch to beam

It’s this sort of cool and convenient functionality that makes us sad devices like the OnePlus 2 opt not to include NFC chips in their phones, and it’s the sort of stuff we’ll always love Android (and Google) for. Give it a try for funsies the next time you’re faced with the need to quickly move from one device to another while you’re on a call.

[via Google+]

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