Nov 22nd, 2011

A new Samsung ad spot surfaced today, taking a few jabs at those dedicated iPhone users who are blinded by their devotion to all things Apple. While it doesn’t come officially from Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel, one ‘Tuber did manage to upload the vid (most likely ripped from a DVR) for all the Android fanboys to laugh along with.

In the video you have the typical long line of people anxiously waiting for the new iPhone 4S. While getting antsy, they spot someone with a Galaxy S II and after comparing it with their iPhone 4, they’re left wondering why their smartphone isn’t as cool. I should point out that not one person leaves the line but they all are wowed by the Android device they never knew existed.

It’s all fun, lighthearted stuff and while I did enjoy the video myself, I’m not going to get all “fanboy” on you and insult anyone who decides on an iPhone over an Android device. It’s all a matter of preference. Remember, they’re only “iSheep” if they’re blindly following the brand (like the creative barrista in this video). Check out the video below and let me know what you think.