New Samsung Commercial Pokes Fun At iSheep Waiting In Line For iPhone 4S


A new Samsung ad spot surfaced today, taking a few jabs at those dedicated iPhone users who are blinded by their devotion to all things Apple. While it doesn’t come officially from Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel, one ‘Tuber did manage to upload the vid (most likely ripped from a DVR) for all the Android fanboys to laugh along with.

In the video you have the typical long line of people anxiously waiting for the new iPhone 4S. While getting antsy, they spot someone with a Galaxy S II and after comparing it with their iPhone 4, they’re left wondering why their smartphone isn’t as cool. I should point out that not one person leaves the line but they all are wowed by the Android device they never knew existed.

It’s all fun, lighthearted stuff and while I did enjoy the video myself, I’m not going to get all “fanboy” on you and insult anyone who decides on an iPhone over an Android device. It’s all a matter of preference. Remember, they’re only “iSheep” if they’re blindly following the brand (like the creative barrista in this video). Check out the video below and let me know what you think.

Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. love it

  2. “I could never get a Samsung, I’m creative”


    1. “Your a barista”


    2. Aaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!

      Point to Samsung!

  3. Great commercial.

  4. Lol the term iSheep always makes me lawl. Also, isn’t the picture of the chick in aviator sunglasses used in HTC phones? New Lawsuit?? (lol)

  5. Best… commercial… ever.

    1. iHave and iPhone. What’s 4g?

      1. I want the bigger one with the more GeeBees

  6. lol i know tons of people like that :P

  7. Not to sound like a troll.. but this commercial makes Samsung look stupid, this makes them look like their jealous that no one actually waits in line for their products while people line up for Apple products.

    1. Wow, talk about missing the point…

    2. truth hurts doesnt it

      1. The only real truth here is how low a company can go when they can’t advertise their phone on the phone’s own merit, but has to compare and insult the competition.

        1. or sue the competition In other countries to stop the competition from competing. 

        2. as opposed to crying like a bitch and suing the fuck out of them cuz its square shaped and makes phone calls. lets get them banned cuz were jerkoffs. yea way to go. GET FUCKED.

        3. or how mac has been making fun of pc in commercials for so many years

          1. Hm, touche.

          2. Owned

          3. served.

          4. F’n best comeback of the week goes to Jimbo Kuo. 

        4. Yah. Like how low can you go by suing the competition just coz it’s square. Talk about merit!! LMAO! Apple knew this was coming. They deserve it!!!

        5. You mean like the Mac Guys Vs Windows Guy commercials?

          edit– blah, didn’t read down to see some one had already mentioned.

        6. idiot ..go on line for your icrap..ask siri where your ass is and go stick your face in it.

          1. Relax buddy, I have a Nexus S.. obviously your too ignorant to even know that cause your too busy spitting whatever is left of shit in your mouth that you ate last night.

        7. Low is forcing a total ban of a competitor’s products just because the bezel look similar.

    3. Not to sound like a troll.. but it’s they’re*

      1. That’s my mistake, thanks for correcting me.

    4. as much as i like this commercial and the amount of hate i have on apple, you brought up a great point.. I love samsung but this is not the way to advertise by slamming others because your jealous.. 

      1. jealous ..that doesnt strikeas jealousy…you know apple had advertisement stating they were better…in not so many words…im still trying to get jealousy from this..hmmm..you cant read commercials well.

      2. Each company slams each other in their own way, that’s the point of advertising. As people said in earlier posts, Apple consistently slammed “PC’s” even though they are, in fact, a PC (Personal Computer) themselves. Apple is far from blameless and this is a relatively tame advertisement.

    5. So many lines yet Samsung is the worlds No# 1 Smart devices maker. They’re not bashing Apple, they’re laughing at them.

      1. You gotta give credit where it’s due, Apple makes a few phones while Samsung makes a lot of different phones.

      2. I’m pretty sure HTC is still #1, or at least, if im wrong, a close 2nd…SAMSUNG gotta pick up the pace on updates and software glitches, then they can claim #1 with no argument from intelligent people.

        1. samsung is #1

          1. link ?

          2. Not sure if i can post links in here, so I won’t, but just go to google news and type in “Samsung worlds top smartphone seller” and you’ll see at least 5 – 10 articles about it from the likes of Bloomberg and financial times, and all from the end of October. Pretty sure Nokia is still technically above HTC too… Apple is definitely selling more units than HTC. Depends what your definition of #1 is, but mine is who sells the most.

          3. yeaa never mind, i looked it up too……HTC is (yikes!) #5…..coulda swore i read an article on here or the other droid site i goto that HTC was the most popular handset maker….popularity and sales dont always meet….so excuse my mistake…….it might have been most popular in the states. 

    6. ummm.huh..umm no..you troll…

    7. The point of the commercial is that people dont have to wait in line for the BEST (android), its already here…and that apple users typically dont know about what theyre standing in line for, they just know its apple….i thought that point was quite obvious. 

    8. Someone is fussy.  Didn’t Sammy ship more phones than anyone on earth last Q. 

    9. You can’t really line up for a Samsung product, they don’t have a Samsung store? k thanks.

      However, they did sell more units of the S2 than iphone 4s has… so what are they jealous about? Just because their customers line up at millions of stores and over the internet instead of at 1 apple store, doesnt mean there isn’t a line. It just means they don’t make their customers wait for 9 hours looking like a retard standing outside the store at 6 am.

  8. Always good to poke fun at people who might buy your product.

    1. or it might enlighten them :)

    2. Its not targeted at iSheeps. To Samsung markerting people
      We’re not targeting fanboys. We’re not going to convert them. We’re using them as a foil to target current Android users upgrading to a new phone and people entering the smartphone market for the first time.Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-commercial-2011-11#ixzz1eW06kOmB


  9. That’s an awesome commercial but look at all of us sheep waiting in line for a Nexuswhateverthefuckitscallednow… 

    1. that nexus has 4g LTE huge screen, no battery issues (or you can pop the battery cover off and put -voila- another battery), and wait ice cream sandwich …..
      Apple people are so clueless we need to stop dissing the special ed people.
      Lets all (Android people) act like the Apple people aren’t even there.. lets just act like their insanity isnt real..and move on.
      If you use a smartphone in soon 2012 without removable battery, 4g(for christ sake I got that 2 years ago on my Evo 4g!) and all the toys you get with having any droid that costs more than 50 bucks….
      Listen lets just stop bashing the apple retards. Treat em like the special needs folk they are and keep it moving.

      1. You know you sound really dumb now. Almost exactly as iSheeps. Why the fuck would I need 4g? This is just another way providers will pull money from your pocket. And you gladly accept the fact that this technology is so power consuming that you need to pop the battery out every now and then just to stay connected. The beauty of Android (I despise the word eco-system as brought up by Apple) is that everyone can get what they really need and not necessarily what the next marketing hype is. And there’s nothing shamefull in having a smartphone for less than $50. For many people it means being smart and reasonable. Hating others based on the price of your phone is very much Apple-ish.

        1. to answer your question about 4G; data. no i don’t mean crippling speeds because that’s hit or miss, i’m referring to the ability to use the web while i’m on the phone. this is something i can do with my nexus S that i could never do with my hero. 

        2. Yeah, 4G is a real and useful technology. If they had cited Facial unlock, that would be worthy of mockery. But tech that is about communicating faster is legit. 

          By all means you can stick with Prodigy and your 56k, but don’t impede others.

        3. I’m not seeing the correlation with “pull in more money” and “4g.” My 4g costs exactly the same as my 3g. Am I missing something?

          Does it consume more power? Sure. But I plug my phone in every night regardless of whether or not it lasts 16 hours or 3 days. I never really understood people that didn’t. I would rather start my day with my phone fully charged just in case.

        4. I doubt 4G is making carriers a lot of money. It’s already sucking money out of British networks and it’s not even here yet

      2. i agree.. it’s time that all us android fans stop the constant comparisons and arguing.  its not even a fight anymore.. time to move on.  why bother even continue this one sided shit-kicking that really proves nothing and takes away from the comparisons of deciding which style of android device best suits our needs.   

    2. Waiting in line on a forum though, not outdoors at a Google store.

  10. Winning.

  11. God I loved that.

  12. Too bad its manufactured by Samsung.

    1. erm yeah, ok…..made by samsung – who just happen to make a big chunk of the iFone bits!

      1. Samsung is notorious for dropping support for their android phones way too quickly. Vibrant is still stuck on Froyo. His point stands.

        1. Has nothing to do with Samsung… but the provider it’s released under…

          There SGS S (the international variant) has the latest Android 2.3.x

          1. What? That’s not true at all. G1 and Nexus1 both got speedy frequent updates on T-mo, but the moto cliq (out at the same time the G1 was getting these updates) and the Vibrant (out not that long ago) got very few updates way after other manufacturers’ phones on the same carriers. The manufacturers put the updates together and send them to the carriers. The bottleneck isn’t the carrier. It’s the manufacturer. Samsung has a crap track record. This is coming from a Samsung Vibrant user who had to root and install cyanogen just so I could get the JIT compiler to make the thing run at a decent speed. Besides, Samsung has Kies, so even if the carrier blocked or delayed them for some reason, they could release these updates they aren’t making.

          2. I agree, ive been saying it over and over…but trying to get anyone in here to go against SAMSUCK…..especially since they made 2 nexus phones already is akin to beating your head against a brick nerd wall….you’ll just come out bloody in the end…..its similar to iPhone zombie love but just not as dumb.

            HTC is and until something unseen comes out, the BEST hardware manufacturer….I will never buy a phone made by SAMSUNG…..a stereo or a TV ? sure…

          3. The N1 was a Nexus, it received updates directly from Google.  The G1 was the Android flagship, of course it was going to get updates for a longer time period.

            The problem is the carrier, these issues don’t happen outside the US as much.  The main reason is carriers move on too quickly, or offer too many variants; they are more interested in pushing what is hot and new, not having to keep developers hammering away on phones that aren’t selling.  All that and the stupid amount of modifications slow down timely updates.

          4. So maybe the N1 and G1 weren’t the best examples, but they’re what I have experience with. Still, you can’t argue that the carriers are preventing the manufacturers from creating updates. For one, your idea that the carriers are only pushing what’s hot and new is because the manufacturers are making new “replacement” variants every couple of months. The carriers don’t decide what phones get made, and they certainly have no control over what phones have updates made for them. The only way they could limit OTA updates would be to refuse to send them out. But if they were actually doing that, then why hasn’t Kies seen a gingerbread update for the Galaxy S? Simple, because Samsung isn’t interested in making that update (or in other words, supporting their phones).

          5. @david brand but HTC makes the worst Bloatware skin ever, HTC Sense. That sh*t is a nightmare.

        2. and the (my) sk4g is stuck on froyo wtf

  13. hahahaha so true. Basically if you are a follower and don’t know anything about phones or phone technology you will buy an iPhone. If you are educated you will buy Android. Gotta love the people that diss android but cant back it up with facts or reasons…lol

  14. I’ve been using Android Froyo on my rooted old Windows mobile 6 phone, and I have an iPod touch as well. I like both!!

  15. And here I am waiting for the Nexus. I guess I should quit doing that.

  16. Lol… Funny… And somehow i feel sorry for those waiting in line. Anyways, i have sgs2 and ipad2… And loving both of it!

  17. Its kinda amazing how many phones samsung makes with few problems. But apple makes one phone at a time and look at there history of issues ! ..just saying

  18. Not sure how people can compare this to those waiting for the new Nexus…please show me footage after the phone is released of people lined up like they do for the small update that people received with the 4S.

    I mean, maybe the Siri is cool…I’m just not someone who wants to tell my phone what to look up or do so everyone around me can hear. It’s also really enjoyable listening to other people do it. /sarcasm

  19. the apple fanboys who have to have the latest iphone kind of remind me of the android update junkies… last month gingerbread was the best thing since sliced bread and if your phone didnt have it then u werent cool.  now theres ICS and all of a sudden gingerbread is shit and any phone with gingerbread is junk lol.    

    i know its nice to have the best software available, its just the sudden change in attitude.  if gingerbread was great last month then its still gona be just as good this month.   people boasting “ive got ICS on my new android phone…oh, youve only got gingerbread?? oh dear…lol”   arent any different from an apple fanboy waving their iphone 4S at an iphone 4 owner.. 

    1. surprisingly i agree with this. Your phone isnt shit overnight if you dont have the newest OS. your phone IS shit tho if its forgotten by the carriers and manufacturer the week after its released. *cough* VIBRANT *cough*

      1. cough what cough

  20. But… Apple phones don’t fail 48 times in a 24 month period.

    1. only you fail…but at life

    2. Neither do android phones, whats your point ? 

    3. I have had 1 Android phone fail, part of the screen became unresponsive. I got a replacement the same day. I consistently see shattered iPhone screens nearly every day that I am out and people just “Living with it” because they couldn’t get it replaced. Apples to Androids my friend.

  21. Samsung dissed Apple fans with class. Every one of you dissing Apple fans in this thread so far do so with hatred, and nothing else.

  22. “I could never get a Samsung-I’m creative”
    “Dude-you’re a barista”
    More understated than the “iPhone 4. I must have an iPhone4” ad.

  23. I would like to laugh but it’s not too funny when this phone was introduced over a month ago and it won’t be out for another 2 weeks. At least Apple gets their stuff into the consumers hands in a timely fashion after introducing it on stage…

    1. “This phone” is the Galaxy S II and has been out for almost a year dude. Whatchutalkinbout Willis?

    2. um, this phone has been out for awhile….perhaps you’re referring to the other SAMSUNG…….the NEXUS coming out early DEC ?? 

      Yea Apple gets stuff out in a timely fashion because they havent really changed much in 4 yrs, just a new box or # or a mundane new function that competing phones have had for nearly half that time. 

      1. Lol my bad, I watched the video and got mad thinking about the Nexus and exited out before I saw it was an S2.

  24. Rofl, what Samsung did was pretty light. I mean, after sales being banned in a country, I’d be going straight for blood, lol. They hit Apple where it hurts most: the fans=the consumers=the money=the elitist group of mindless Apple zombies.

  25. I hope Samsung did not use VZW or the iPhone people would laugh at them even more.  Samsung phones on VZW are vaporware.   By the time it is released many months late by VZW, there are false promises for the next best phone only to be delayed further,

  26. These fanboys are canned by Apple and living in their own well.

  27. Pretty cute commercial. Love the part where guy goes “it looks the same, how will ppl know I upgraded.” But this Reminds me how I have successfully made some iFans ooh and awe over my android phones. People are usually impressed by screen size, versatility, and 4G capabilities. Unfortunately though it seems like most iPhone users are just uninformed ppl who want whatever apple puts out because that’s just what you are supposed to do. And that’s OK. I applaud apple for drawing that huge of a following . Its like when I used to play sports, NIKE was just cool. Not addidas. Not Reebok. Some ppl even hated on under armour.

    But I won’t put every user in that catagory. My brother switched from an android to the 4S. I guess part of it is because it is cool. But he prefers a simple device that is very easy to manage. He was actually surprised and maybe even a little disappointed at how simple it was and said that “there does not seem like much to do on it.”
    But he loves how easily he can use those messaging features and facetime and all that other crap with all his other iPhone cronies. That would be nice considering how every one of my closest friends have an iPhone. But F that noise.

  28. As a total macfag and iOS user, I approve this message. AWESOME.

    Should note I have an Android phone and tablet as well :)

  29. Lol

  30. HHahahaha awesome commercial. Sad, but true.

  31. This commercial does nothing but confirm the power and influence of the iPhone….it’s just that some (most) of you are too dumb to see it….Lmao

  32. Why get a 4g phone. Haha. That shit is funny. I like it because it doesn’t go overboard.

  33. Awful lot of hipsters in that commercial…

  34. Lol, funny commerical, I love the girl in line mocking saying, why don’t you just get 4G phones had be rolling.
    Apple makes good phones don’t get me wrong and for some people who are less technically inclined I think they are perfect, but I stopped being wowed by iphones around the time of the iphone 3GS, the first and only iphone I have owned and did love to be honest, i just love android a little more :)

  35. Suck on that iSheep!

  36. Guys that’s not the full video, the full video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWnunavN4bQ

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