Sep 24th, 2015

Google Keep app iOS iPhone

If you’re an avid user of Keep — Google’s simplified notes taking app for Android — there’s a good chance you’ve been taking advantage of the recently added feature that allows users to share notes with others. Whether it’s a shopping list, to-do, or anything else, it’s a handy feature for anyone looking to collaborate with others on a single note. It’s been well over 2+ years since Google launched Keep on Android, but today Keep is finally arriving on iOS.

Officially dubbed “Google Keep – Your thoughts, wherever you are” (in case you were having trouble finding it), the apps is practically a carbon copy of the Android, what with a few small UI changes (there’s icons in the menu now). Other than that, you don’t have to get your panties in a bunch knowing iPhone/iPad users are getting a better version than the one you have.

Just remember that while Google’s iOS team will sometimes deliver updates quicker than their Android counterparts, that’s not always the case. In the case of Google Keep, well we’re sure iOS users are just glad they finally have access to the app after all these years.

[Google Keep on iTunes]

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