Pebble Time Round officially revealed as company’s first circular smart watch


Pebble today introduced yet another new addition to the Pebble Time family. It’s the Pebble Time Round, and, well, it’s round. It’s probably the thinnest and sleekest smart watch we’ve seen of its kind at just 7.8mm in width. There’s a lot of bezel, but that’s to be expected from Pebble by now. Take solace in the fact that they at least made the bezel look very nice.

The Pebble Time Round comes in 20mm and 14mm size options in Black, Silver. Those opting for the latter have exclusive access to a Rose Gold option, too. Each option will come with premium leather bands, though you’ll be able to swap them out for other options, including metal which are slated to arrive after the device launches in November.

Otherwise, it’s still Pebble. It’s still colored e-paper. It still gives you days-long battery life on just minutes of charging. And it’s still one of the coolest smart watches on the market.

pebble time round hero

So how much? It’ll cost you $250, and fret not if you already got your Pebble Time Steel but would have opted for the round option were it available. Pebble has you covered with a worry-free plan to help you swap your device should you come to prefer the newer one:

  1. Reserve Pebble Time Round at with the same email address you used to back Pebble Time Steel on Kickstarter. You will not be charged until your order ships.
  2. Enjoy Pebble Time Steel while waiting for Pebble Time Round to arrive. You may cancel your reservation at any time if you decide Pebble Time Steel is the one for you.
  3. When your Pebble Time Round ships, they will automatically discount the order by $50.
  4. When your Pebble Time Round arrives, try it for up to 30 days alongside Pebble Time Steel.
  5. If you love both watches, Pebble Time Round is yours to keep for the discounted price!
  6. During the trial period, you may return Pebble Time Round or Pebble Time Steel, and we’ll refund you for the Pebble Time Round order. The price of watch you keep will equal your Pebble Time Steel pledge amount, plus the cost of return shipping.

More details about that can be found at their FAQ section right here. You can head right here to order one should you suddenly find yourself in a fit of lust.

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