OnePlus X / Mini render leaked sporting 2 rear cameras and a fingerprint scanner


oneplus dual camera 1

Details about OnePlus’s forthcoming late 2015 handset have leaked out today. As OnePlus alluded to, the device doesn’t appear to be coming to market as some supercharged variant of the OnePlus 2. Instead, this will be known as a “OnePlus Mini,” though there are murmurings that its name might simply be “OnePlus X” by the time it makes its way to market.

Looking at these renders, which we aren’t totally sure are legit, the device seems to have 2 different cameras on the back. We’ve seen this setup in other smartphones before, most notably the HTC One M8. That particular smartphone used it as a depth information sensor to allow users to make focal adjustments to images after they’d already been captured. OnePlus could be using it in similar fashion here.

oneplus x mini

We can also spot a rear-placed fingerprint scanner, which is in contrast to its life on the front of the OnePlus 2. Has OnePlus fall out of love with the physical home button so soon? We wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case. It shouldn’t seem taboo by now, as at least 2 different smartphones in the past have opted to place their fingerprint scanners on the rear, and we’re expecting a similar configuration on both upcoming Nexus devices.

oneplus x mini 2

Otherwise, it looks like a OnePlus device through and through, and we’re certainly interested in seeing what exactly makes this device’s existence necessary once OnePlus has released all the details. The device is being prepped for a holiday launch if past OnePlus comments are still accurate, so be sure to keep checking back for more information as we approach those wintry months.

[via MyDrivers]

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