Sep 21st, 2015

“Drop tests” aren’t really anything new in Android. No matter how silly or even border-line pointless they may be, we have to admit it, there’s a weird sort of curiosity that always has us coming back for more. While little more than a cheap attempt at getting YouTube views, occasionally someone will get creative with it and introduce a drop test video we don’t see everyday.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 900ft drop test aftermath

With the rising popularity and more accessible nature of drones these days, the folks at decided to fly one high up in the air — 900ft to be exact — and drop the recently released Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Less of a test (how often would you really drop a phone from 900ft?) and more mindless entertainment, to our surprise the phone didn’t explode upon impact. In fact, aside from an obliterated corner, it was still somewhat functional.

Again, the “test” doesn’t really tell us anything about the phone’s durability. With a metal chassis sandwich in glass, if you do drop your phone you can rest assured that more than likely that damage will only be cosmetic. Side note: both Rob’s and I’s Samsung Galaxy S6 Edges have cracked displays but still work just fine.

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