OnePlus will be launching not one, but two phones this year


OnePlus One DSC06079

OnePlus one, the manufacturer that people love to hate, is set to have a big year. We’ve heard plenty of rumors about the upcoming OnePlus Two, but two could have a new meaning in 2015. Bloomberg paid a visit to OnePlus HQ and got some juicy details about their plans.

The report states that OnePlus will launch two phones in 2015. The OnePlus Two is set to launch in the third quarter, while a another cheaper model will follow later this year. What started as a company with just 6 employees has now ballooned to over 1,000 employees. Hopefully the extra employees will ensure a smoother rollout for this year. OnePlus can not have a repeat of what happened with the OnePlus One.

Would you buy another device from OnePlus?

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. Hate all you want. I love my OnePlus One. I am down for the sequel.

    1. Same here!

    2. I loved my one plus one, when I upgraded I gave it to my idiot friend who dropped it.

    3. Recently broke my Oneplus and ended up going and getting a Nexus 6. Don’t get me wrong I love the Nexus but I still miss my Oneplus everyday lol.

      1. I picked up the N6 right after launch and gave it a few weeks. After it was all said and done, I sold the Nexus and kept the OPO. It was a terrific phone in its own right, but It was just too damn big (the width was the big turn off). Not to mention the fact that the OPO was $300 cheaper. I couldn’t justify the upgrade.

        1. Totally understandable about the size at first I thought the Oneplus was big considering I came from a nexus 4 but after a month it seemed to be the perfect size, and now after a month with my nexus 6 I am still not use to how big it is. Its definitely a two handed phone. I must say though I am loving the performance of the Nexus 6 now that I have loaded lollipop 5.1 and unencrypted the phone.

      2. No need to miss your One..Every Tuesday, they have a no invite buying day…get another one…I wouldn’t but you should

        1. Trust me I wish I could have unfortunately I broke my Oneplus two days before I went out of town for a 2 week business trip and didn’t have time to order it and wait for it to ship. At this point I will hold on to my Nexus until I see what Oneplus brings next. Thanks though for letting me know

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  2. Now if only it supports all of Verizon’s bands. That’s extremely wishful thinking.

  3. Nexus of 2015, Moto X (2015) or the Oneplus 2. It’s going to be a tough call this year, Cotton!

    1. And there, you have it..

  4. Choose your invite wisely

  5. And 5 people will be able to buy one …

  6. You got me at a “cheaper” device. $300 was cheap to me. So unless they tryna compete against the Moto X series, I don’t see how they can make a cheaper variant. LoL!!

    1. Don’t you mean the Moto G or E?? The X is not cheap.

      1. The X is indeed cheap, it’s only like $450

        1. Really??? Please go away! You are clearly not worth the time to converse with.

      2. I’ve been under the impression that the X was around $350ish… ._.

        1. The equivalent X to a OnePlus One would be more than that.

  7. Company is annoying, but I love my One. Can’t wait a 2

    1. I’m in the same boat. I love my OPO, but the invite thing did take some extra effort. Also, if I had to deal with a cracked screen or anything I would’ve hated it.

  8. I’m interested. This would be interesting if OnePlus 2 was 6″ and competed with Nexus 6 but vastly better price. Also, I could see them have a 5″ or 5.2″ lower cost phone to compete with Moto G and such but also have LTE. (Still surprised Moto doesn’t really have a low cost 2015 phone with camera flash and LTE)

  9. Start begging for invites now!!!

  10. Did they get the yellow and issue solved for real?

  11. Best phone ever ..yes

  12. Never bought from them, but I’d consider it if it supported all of tmobile’s lte bands and was reaonsably priced with good specs.

    1. You just described the original oneplus one

      1. Not really, the oneplusone currently out only supports LTE bands 1(2100), 3(1800), 4(1700/2100), 7(2600), 17(700), 38(2600), 40(2300). Of those bands, tmobile uses band 4, which is their AWS spectrum, however many of their new coverage areas which make up a lot of coverage around me and the majority of their new land coverage are on band 2 (1900) PCS, and they are also on band 12 (700) which is rolling out agressively. I would never plop down $300 for a brand new phone now if it won’t support a current band that I need and a bad that is expanding that will be critical in the next year.

        1. You are misinformed, the current OnePlus phones support LTE, GSM and HSPA. My OPO works fine on 1900 (band 2). You can find the manual online which lists the full specs, including all of the bands OPO supports.


            According to their website it is impossible for you to be on LTE on 1900mhz on the oneplus one. That’s from the manufacturer.

          2. No, you are mistaken.

            The OPO will connect to HSPA on 1900 but not LTE.

            T-Mobile is expanding LTE on 1900, but is not adding HSPA (on any band) to most of those sites.

        2. Upon initial release OPO supported all the necessary bands for T-Mobile, hence why I got it. Now they’ve added new bands and obviously they weren’t on there because they weren’t planned for. If you want full support on bands, considering how often T-Mobile does changes, you’ll have to be on Jump at the very least and get carrier versions of devices.

          1. If that’s the case then why does my galaxy s4 which came out a year before the oneplus one have support for bands 2 and 4 on LTE but the oneplus one doesn’t? I will agree that band 12 is fairly new and even now few phones support it, but bands 2 and 4 are pretty standard for LTE and they really dropped the ball leaving that out in my opinion.

          2. I didn’t know that, but I haven’t missed it either as I always get great LTE everywhere. So IMO that’s not really dropping the ball when it’s an international device.

  13. Oh great, double the chance that you’ll never get one..

  14. I love my OnePlus One! Would definitely buy from them again.

  15. Sure thing!

  16. I’m buying. No question.

  17. From the marketing point of view, “Two” is a number too complex for normal people to comprehend. The 2015 model name will probably be something like “OnePlus One PlusOne”. Even with only one finger, you can understand it.

    1. I’m lost

  18. The reason they’re going to make a cheaper version is because they are going to switch material the phones made from and bump the price up accordingly and have to make something cheaper for the people who bought the one plus because it was the cheapest way to get high end specs…. Too bad the phone was outdated by the time most people actually got their hands on the phone making it not really a cheaper alternative since other high end phones with close to matching specs had dropped in price drastically be then.

    1. It still isnt outdated…There is nothing that it doesnt do… reminder: Its a PHONE

  19. Had one for just over two months (dealer friends gives me demos or open boxes to test or buy at discount) and have to admit it was (is) one of the best phones I’ve used and on the market.. The first iteration of cm was a bit crazy but the first update fixed the major issues.. Great phone

  20. All you One+ owners below where just bashing the phone for lack of updates…now Oxygen OS and CM12 is released and now you love the phone…give me a break..: /

    1. I’m hating Lollipop

  21. Moto X is going to be the best value in Android this year.

  22. Which waiting list do I need to join now then?


  23. If they do that idiotic ass invite bullshit again, I won’t even think of buying a OPO.

  24. should be the one plus too!

  25. Hell no I’m not buying anything from one plus.

    1. and you wont be missed.

      1. Lol every time I see a drive-by comment like this I burst out laughing.

        1. Drive by comment? How is this comment funny? How is your comment not a drive by comment or whatever that is?

  26. Will be upgrading to the Oneplus Two first chance I get !

  27. great. now they probably require two invites for the one plus two.

    1. Those jokes are old already. The phone has been easy to get for a while now and is still one of the best phones out there. It’s just the company needs some work on customer service and warranty issues.

      1. but yet still relevant

        1. If you say so.

    2. The CEO of One+ recently announced that the One+2 will also be sold thru the dreaded INVITATION ONLY system we so dearly love! (heavy on the sarcasm!) So be forewarned!

  28. I love the bandwagon OnePlus bashers…who dont even have the phone. hate on douchetards!

  29. gimme a good phone with waterproofing and i would buy it. even if you mark it up for 100 extra bucks

  30. Yea, the company is hated but the phone was great. It still is one of my favorite phones and still is one of the best phones you can own. Hopefully they keep getting better.

  31. If they offer a solid phablet I’d consider it as long as they don’t butcher the UI.

  32. Still no OTA for me. I lave the phone though

  33. As much as I love my Oneplus One, (mainly due to CM I think) I don’t think I’ll be picking up the next release. I benefited from an inexpensive device, but I had some Chinese characters pop up randomly which I didn’t appreciate. And then the new version will have Oxygen out of the box I’m sure, I much rather go back to Vanilla Android or switch over to LG/Phonebloks/Yota pretty soon.

  34. Maybe, but not not anytime soon. The OnePlus One after finally getting OxygenOS feels like it has plenty of life in it.

    I’m not really looking to replace my phone in 2015 and have my fingers crossed for Project Ara

  35. I am up in the air on this. I really liked my OPO but the Ghost touches made my phone unusable when I seemed to need it the most. So I got a 64g Nexus 6. To be honest until I dropped a custom ROM & Kernel I was not impressed. Then I got 12s on the OPO and WOW. The OPO with Lollipop is fantastic.

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