RECALL: NVIDIA SHIELD Pro units (500GB) are having hard drive issues


We’re not sure what’s going on with quality control over at NVIDIA, but yet another recall has been issued for one of their products. This time, the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro Android TV device, which came with a 500GB hard drive over the 16GB flash storage of the original, seems to be having some issues affecting said hard drive. Unlike the SHIELD Tablet recall, this flaw is not potentially harmful to you or your environment.


Instead, NVIDIA has identified a set of units (less than 1%, according to them) whose hard drives are showing a tendency to degrade over time much faster than they should. The biggest symptoms of degradation is the set-top box becoming soft-bricked during the update process. Users will see the standard Android fastboot screen in this instance.

NVIDIA provides a couple of different ways to determine whether you’ll need to apply for a replacement:

  1. Fastboot menu appears during Upgrade 1.4 (even if system recovers after a system reboot you should get a replacement).
  2. Severe and persistent pixelation in all tiles of the top row of the Android TV home screen (text in tiles will be unreadable and does not become clear after a few seconds).

Furthermore, NVIDIA states that should you need to get a replacement you won’t have to wait until they receive your old unit: they’ll send you a new one so you won’t experience much interruption. You also won’t have to worry about where you bought your device from. All you’ll need to do is head here if you suspect your SHIELD Pro is among the spoiled bunch of apples, and fingers crossed that it won’t happen to you if you aren’t.

[via NVIDIA]

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