Finish Him: Tinder adds “Super Like” swipe to power up your dating game


The dating app Tinder has a pretty simple concept: swipe right if you like someone, swipe left if you don’t. But what if you like like someone. Like, really like them? Now you can swipe up to “super like” another user, which increases your chance of being matched since the “super like” recipient will see your heightened level of interest.

But there is a catch: each user is granted a limited amount of super likes.


For those wondering, the featured model is Erin Heatherton.



If you already thought Tinder was a hook-up game of mass proportion, it seems the company has doubled down. Not only does this add a new dimension to the swiping strategy, but it probably adds another dimension of monetization as well. I’d fully expect Tinder to begin selling “power ups” and “refills” that allow you to use more Super Likes on more people, ignoring the usual limits.

Tinder is quite literally a dating game and Super Likes are the Mario warp to level 2-1. Now let’s see you moonwalk your way past all the enemies directly to level 8 and above. That is… if you don’t get finished first.

The feature will first be tested in Australia before rolling out to the rest of the world.

Have you used Tinder? Let us know in the comments and check out our list of Best Dating Apps for Android.

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