Huawei could be the next to make a dual-edge phone with the help of Samsung


Samsung is the only manufacturer who has managed to make proper use of curved displays in smartphones, but they could be looking to spread the wealth to others soon. According to a rumor making the waves on Chinese social network Weibo, Huawei is looking to make a smartphone with a dual-edge display, and Samsung would look to be their primary supplier. The device would have Quad HD resolution and launch at some point in 2016.

This wouldn’t be odd — after all, Samsung does provide components for many competing companies, including Apple — if not for the fact that the Edge feature in some of their smartphones is perhaps one of the most unique selling points they touch on when marketing their devices. To give that uniqueness up to a competitor is quite surprising.

One of the reasons Samsung might not mind may be that Huawei doesn’t exactly fit the mold as one of their top competitors except within Huawei’s home country. If it were an HTC or LG, we imagine they might think a bit differently about it. Of course, with Huawei hoping to become a major player in Europe and the United States over time they might well find themselves on Samsung’s radar along with all the rest.

[via SamMobile]

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