eBay 4.0 now available on Google Play with completely overhauled design


eBay 4.0 screenshots

It’s been a long time coming, but today, eBay’s official app for Android devices is getting a much needed makeover. Available now on the Google Play Store, eBay 4.0 brings a much more clean user interface to the table. It’s not Material Design mind you (it’s closer to iOS really), but it’s definitely an improvement and a lot less cluttered with big, easy to view tabs that take you to the various product categories on the site.

The design doesn’t just make buying easier, but selling too with the option to use on of eBay’s special “Valets” sell and ship items for you. There’s a good deal of settings too with the ability to view your account information, and tweak notification settings for buying, selling, general, and even set quiet times. You can check out the new redesign in the official video down below.


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