Sep 8th, 2015

Android Platform Distribution September 2015

The Android Developers’ platform distribution numbers have officially been updated for the month of September, reflecting now the most recent changes since we looked at them last month. Sort of like an Android progress report, these numbers show only active Android devices (those that have recently pinged the Google Play Store) and the versions of Android they’re currently running.

In August, we saw Lollipop running on about 18% of Android devices — a full 9 months after it hit AOSP — and today, it’s now officially jumped to 21%. While that sounds all good and dandy, keep in mind only 5.1% of that is Android 5.1 (woah), the most recent version of Lollipop and the only version you should even care about.

With Android 6.0 Marshmallow already looming in the horizon, there’s not much more time before a new slice of the pie is dedicated to yet another Android version and the circle continues. Remember, it took KitKat a full year before it hit 30% of devices, so there’s still time for Lollipop to pull ahead.

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