Aug 3rd, 2015

Android Versions August 2015

We’re not sure why Google skipped July, but they’ve finally updated their platform distribution numbers for the month of August. Better late than never, we suppose. For those unaware, these are Google’s official numbers to help developers track which percentage of devices are running specific versions of Android. For Android fans, this is a report card of sorts, helping us monitor the state of the Android as it stands currently.

The only real version of Android people seem to care about is Lollipop, jumping from June’s 12.4% to 18.1% for August but keep in mind that’s referring to all versions. Because no one wants to be caught dead running just regular ‘ol 5.0, barely 2.6% of Android devices in the wild are actually running the good version — Android 5.1. We refer to this as the “complete” version of Lollipop thanks to small fixes and tweaks. As for the rest, KitKat is taking up a huge portion of the pie at 39.3%, and Jelly Bean still holding strong at 33.6%.

Of course, there’s still quite a few flagship devices from yesteryear awaiting their Lollipop updates and as new devices are coming out of the box running this new version (even low to mid-range devices), we’re sure to see numbers jump significantly in the months leading up to Android M. Then the cycle repeats itself and we can start pissing and moaning about that version. Ha.

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