The Samsung Gear S2 could eventually support the iPhone



We didn’t find it odd that Samsung left Apple’s wares off the list of devices their Gear S2 smart watch could work with. After all, it’s not an Android device, and Samsung would likely have to build an entire app framework just for iOS users. They also hate Apple’s guts, we imagine.

But the company could be looking to go the distance and make this thing available for users of their biggest competitor. A Samsung spokesperson reportedly confirmed that they were considering adding iOS support for the Gear S2.

The rep only said that they are “looking at possibilities,” so there’s no guarantee they can or will do it. That said, it sounds like if there’s a way, they’ll will themselves to make it happen — especially since Android Wear now openly embraces iPhone users. In the meantime, we’re just hoping Samsung can do something to give users of Android phones with less than 1.5GB of RAM a little bit of love. PS: check out our Samsung Gear S2 hands-on if you want a little preview of what you’d be getting into should you opt to snag one later this year.

[via Digital Spy]

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