The Rotating Bezel on Samsung’s Gear S2 is Amazing [VIDEO]


I had the opportunity to play with the Samsung GearS2 and wanted to quickly share my favorite feature.

3 Reasons to Love the Bezel

I was reluctant to think Samsung’s rotating bezel on the Gear S2 would be anything more than a gimmick. Before trying it, I thought it’d meet an early demise and join the HTC Dream keyboard and Nexus One trackball in the mobile graveyard. But when I gave it a try for myself, something unexpected happened… I loved it.


I loved it so much that when I tried the Moto 360 (2015) only a few hours later, I found myself accidentally trying to navigate the phone by rotating the bezel. To me… that was a sign that Samsung had caught onto a really good idea.

My top 3 reasons for loving the bezel:

  1. You can see the screen while navigating
  2. Less finger smudging on the screen
  3. Better precision with fewer mistakes and mis-taps

The execution of the rotating bezel is wonderful. It’s smooth as butter while still offering a satisfying “click” as you coast through screens. It responds quickly even when fast scrolling or changing directions. And Samsung managed to still make that bezel look cool: if you didn’t know any better, you might not even know it rotates.

I’ll have a more in depth first impressions article soon, but if you were eager to try the bezel and wondering if it’d work well… it flat-out impressed.

Rob Jackson
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