Free Download: “Best Of” Albums from top artists like Incubus, Nas, Sinatra, and Britney


The Google Play Store often features free music downloads, but they’re typically for single songs, from obscure indie artists, and/or the really good stuff only comes every once in awhile. But the Play Store has recently been releasing new “The Very Best of” albums from top artists, and right now a chunky list of them are 100% free downloads.


Here are some of the top downloads available:

The rap albums are edited to removed the explicit albums, and let’s be honest, listening to the edited version of a Three 6 Mafia song is like watching a silent film with your eyes closed. So be warned in that regard.

We initially spotted this list from our friends at If you want to look for more free “Best of” albums in the future, head on over to Google Play Music and search for “playlist” and “very best of”, then click “See More” next to the Albums result. Scroll through the results and note all the albums that say FREE. Target achieved.

If you download any of these albums, let us know what you snagged! Or maybe you’re like the rest of the world and just use Pandora.

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