Vine makes it easier to find and add music to your creations


Vine has announced a big new update that’ll make it easier than ever to find and add music to your 6-second clips. The first way they’re doing this is with a cool “Snap to Beat” feature which will help you get a “perfect” or “seamless” loop of sound, so when your video is playing over and over again it sounds like a continuous beat to the viewer. You can see a quick example of that in action here:

Those who don’t want to let technology take over can opt to fine tune the music themselves with easy music editing controls. They’re also making it easy to discover the music you want to use in your Vines. They’ll do so with featured tracks, as well as giving you an easy way to determine which song is playing in whichever Vine you’re watching. Want a track? Look for the music symbol and click it, and you’ll be able to lay it over your own video if you so desire.

Vine says music has become an important part of their platform, with people not only using it to express themselves in more than one dimension but also because it helps up and coming musicians get their name out there by using it at a launch platform. They’re so serious about it, in fact, that they’ve convinced Billboard to add Vine to Top 50 Social Tracks chart to show which songs are moving the needle on Vine.


So, when can you get your hands on it? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the update lands as soon as today — you should be seeing it arrive in the Google Play Store sometime soon. The bad news is that Android is only getting the music discovery features in this initial launch, so our iOS friends have an exclusive period of time to use the creation features. We’re crossing our fingers it won’t take long for the full gamut to make its way to Android.

[via Vine]

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